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5 gallon pail mixers

Pail mixer, pail mounted mixer, agitator.

Additional mixers are available on the Drum mixers and Mixer blades pages. Paint paddles and tongue depressors are located on the Paint paddles, tongue depressors page.

Caution : Do not operate mixers unless blade is fully immersed in fluid. Consult with your material supplier and SDS to determine required eye, face, hand, and body protection when using this mixer. Purchaser assumes all responsibility for safety regulations concerning safe handling and mixing of hazardous liquids.

5 gallon pail mixer

Compact mixer with a cover that fits over a five gallon bucket. Includes a 10" long cage style mixer blade with a 1/4" shaft. Variable speed 0.50 HP motor. 15 CFM air consumption. Siphon pipe assembly (pick-up wand) extends to the bottom of pail and makes transferring of mixed materials quick, clean, and easy. 6' hose assembly also included. Replacement parts are available.

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