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Hand tools

Cutting tools, shaping tools, measuring tools, layout tools, hand tools, shears, scissors, snips, scraping tools.

Other hand tools are shown on these pages: Trowels , Squeegees , Spreaders , and Palette knives, spatulas .

Cutting, shaping

Hacksaw, chisels

Hand rasps, shaping tools

Misc. knives and also Utility knives in fixed blade or retractable blade styles.

Utility knife blades

Measuring, layout

Chalk line, wing dividers, awl

Levels, squares

Tape rules, diameter used to measure the circumference of tanks and pipes.

Tape rules, regular used for linear measurements.

Misc. hand tools

Caulking guns

Hammers, screwdrivers

Leather sheaths

Pliers, wrenches

Pry bars

Shears, scissors, snips

Hardened for Kevlar shears

Hot drop forged steel shears

Lightweight stainless steel shears

Misc. scissors, shears, and snips and also Scissor sharpeners

Scraping, applying

Putty knives, scrapers

Palette knives, spatulas