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Jig saw

Jig saw, jig saw tool, jigsaw.

Please see our Saw blades page for a selection of blades for this saw. Additional saws are available on the Saws, trimmers page.

SAFETY WARNING: Make sure the SPM of the saw you choose below, does not exceed (is less than) the maximum SPM of any accessories you use with that tool.

Jig saw, 0.54 HP

Bosch blade clamp mechanism gives superior hold. Tool-free, fast and easy blade change. 4-stage orbital action adjusts blade motion to match the work piece. Rotating handle provides comfort when cutting intricate patterns or contours. Adjustable steel foot plate retracts and tilts left and right up to 45°. Cutting capacity is 2 3/8" wood, 1 1/4" plastic, 3/4" aluminum, and 3/8" mild steel.

Fits 1/4" T-shank blades, 27.5 CFM, 90 PSI, 1/4" inlet, 3/8" hose, 10" long, 3.5 lbs.

K30981" stroke75612,200 - 2,400Add to cart | Add to list