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Paper tubs

Poly-coated tubs, paper cups, paper tubs, poly-coated cups.

These tubs are used in FRP shops for mixing resins.

Other polyethylene tubs and pails used for mixing, measuring, and pouring are shown on these pages: Measuring, pouring , Pails , Poly tubs , and Poly tubs, heavy-duty .

Paper tubs

Item numbers ending in E are International Paper products. Item numbers not ending in E are Solo products. Both of these manufacturers refer to paper cups and tubs with a poly coating only on inside surfaces as Single Coated or Hot Cups. Tubs with a poly coating on both inside and outside surfaces are called Double Coated or Cold Cups. Outside coating helps protect container from being weakened by condensation. The coating on these containers is a polyethylene plastic film. The two uncoated tubs listed below are double wrapped paper.

Both manufacturers also offer paper cups with a wax coating, but all of these containers are poly coated–not wax. D3250 fits ES spray gun. Please contact us if you want samples to evaluate. We show price per cup, but the 5% discounts don’t show accurately on the least expensive items after rounding-up to an each price. Sold by the sleeve.

Top dia.
and height
Tubs per
5 case
D32558 ounceP508interior surfaces only3.12" x 3.62"501,000Add to cart | Add to list
D3240E8 ounceDFR8interior & exterior surfaces3.75" x 2.25"501,000Add to cart | Add to list
D3241E16 ounceDFS16interior & exterior surfaces4.50" x 3.00"25500Add to cart | Add to list
D325032 ounceH4325interior & exterior surfaces4.50" x 5.37"25500Add to cart | Add to list
D3250E32 ounceDFR32interior & exterior surfaces4.50" x 5.37"25500Add to cart | Add to list
D323121/2 quart5T1uncoated, untreated7.62" x 6.00"25100Add to cart | Add to list
D3231E21/2 quartDFM85interior & exterior surfaces7.50" x 5.87"50200Add to cart | Add to list
D3204165 ounce10T1Uuncoated, untreated8.75" x 8.50"25100Add to cart | Add to list
D3204E170 ounceDFM170interior & exterior surfaces8.75" x 8.37"25100Add to cart | Add to list