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Hardness tester

Barcol hardness tester, impressor hardness tester.

For additional testing equipment, please see the Adhesion tester , Temperature meters , and Thickness gauges pages.

Barcol hardness tester

An easy to use tool that tests the hardness of fiberglass laminates, as well as aluminum, aluminum alloys, copper, and brass. The hardness reading shows instantly on the dial. Weighs 1 lb, 2 oz. Tester includes foam enclosure inside a protected carrying case. Includes adjusting wrench, 2 spare indenter points, and test discs. Complete repair parts list is also available. One year warranty.

To use tester, simply exert light pressure against instrument to drive spring loaded indenter point into material. Indenter point must be perpendicular to surface being tested. It is also important to make sure material is at least 1/32" thick. Fiberglass should be at least 1/8" thick. Material needs a minimum distance of 1/8" in any direction from indenter point to the edge of the material.

Unit quantity for J1927, J1928, J1929A & B = one each.
Unit quantity for J1929C & D = pack of 5 disks.

1 unit
6 unit
J1927hardness testerGYZJ-934-1 Add to cart | Add to list
J1928replacement pointsGYZJ-6-5 Add to cart | Add to list
J1929Astandard test disksGYZJ-07843–48Add to cart | Add to list
J1929Bstandard test disksGYZJ-25087–89Add to cart | Add to list
J1929Ccertified test disksGYZJ-078-10043–48Add to cart | Add to list
J1929Dcertified test disksGYZJ-250-10087–89Add to cart | Add to list