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Roller covers, frames

First select one of these three sizes of the roller cover or roller frame. Sizes shown below refer to the inside diameter of the roller cover core which matches the outside diameter of the end cap on the roller frame. Not shown here but also available, are the extra large roller covers with 2 1/4" inside diameter. Please call us for a list of the heavy-duty roller cover fabrics that are available in this larger diameter roller cover.

Roller covers and frames, 11/2" size

These are the standard, most popular size roller covers. Start here to see the available roller covers, roller frames, and assembled complete rollers in this most common size.

Roller covers and frames, 1½" size

Roller covers and frames, 3/4" size

This size is the Wooster Jumbo-Koter® roller covers. ID of roller cover and OD of roller frame cage are 3/4". Start here to see what's available in this size roller cover.

Roller covers and frames, ¾" size

Roller covers and frames, 1/4" size

This smallest size is available from two different manufacturers. Frames have no cages. Roller covers slide directly onto the 1/4" frame rod.

Roller covers and frames, ¼" size